French Luncheon – un grand succès!

Today was our 3rd annual CDS Middle School French Feast.

Photo Collection

Middle school sixth, seventh, and eighth grade French students feasted on traditional French cuisine prepared entirely by the students. Their assignment for class was to research an authentic recipe and create a dish to bring in and share. Before everyone dug in, we paused for a moment of silence to remember the victims of the France terrorist attacks. They will never again share in the simple joys of food and friends.

What amazes me about this activity (my umpteenth as a French teacher) is that the anxiety I experience the morning of wondering if:

  • it will all come together IN time?
  • will the kids remember to bring in what they signed up for?
  • and most important, will they enjoy and appreciate the experience!

IIsabella setting up the table

What I inevitably discover is that all goes well and the pay-off is huge!

  • parents are delighted that their kids are cooking
  • students feel proud that they are studying French
  • a bit of natural jealousy among non-French students is palpable
  • my colleagues enjoy sharing in the different gastronomy

Definitely worth the work!



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