Some video of TPRS in action – Part 1

Yesterday, we started a story.  My prompt was: There is a man who lives in the apartment building.  He is the man in the poem, ‘Déjeuner du Matin’.

This story tied in a poem the 8th grade French class was memorizing together with an on-going virtual college student project.

I had one of my students film some of my interaction with the class.

This first clip shows how I review the story details the class and I create.  I picked a student to be the actor.  This way I can go back and forth dialoguing WITH him and then reporting to the class. Data they give me, generated by my specific questions, form the story.  And sometimes their spontaneous creative additions move the story in a different direction.  That makes this activity fun and interesting!

You Tube # 1

This next short segment shows me finding a tangible object to illustrate the word, “courrier” which means ‘mail’.  I had some notes and an envelope on my desk that came in handy.

You Tube # 2

I’ll upload some more video segments in subsequents posts.





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