Advisory activity for the new semester

One of my colleagues mentioned she was having her advisory girls reflect over the completed semester and project some goals for the rest of the year.  I took her document and tweaked it a bit to share with my gals.  Day 2 of the new semester seemed like an appropriate time for this self-evaluation.

I gave the girls 10 minutes and we all completed the questions.  This was helpful to me as well as I thought back over the courses I teach AND goals for my personal life.  Then I guided some sharing on the ‘safer’ areas such as academics, a few goals and the one event they were looking forward to.  I enjoyed hearing what the girls were most pleased about as well as their goals. Most had different areas of satisfaction as well as various goals. I asked some follow up questions to draw them out when they simply said, “I want to work harder in math”

  • What will that look like?
  • What activity can you implement in order to achieve that goal?
  • What specific behavior do you need to change or add?

I then collected each sheet and said I’d hold them until the end of May.  We’ll then revisit and see how many of the goals we have each achieved!


Name ________________________   Date  _____________


  1. What topic, project, or concept was particularly interesting to you either in Advisory or a class you have had this year? Why?


  1. Academic Life:

                 Doing very well with _________________


                 Goal               _________________


  1. Hobbies/Pastimes/Personal Skills:

Doing very well with ______________

Goal                        ________________________


  1.  Family Life:

                Doing very well with _________________


                 Goal               _________________


  1.  Social life:

                   Doing very well with _________________


                 Goal               _________________



      6.   What are you looking forward to?


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