One reason I keep teaching

My colleague here at the middle school informed us this week that he’ll be teaching next fall at our upper school.  He’s at the tail end of his teaching career but still wants to be productive, be challenged and earn some money for his family.

Teaching different history courses to older students will spark growth and new ideas in him, all welcome. Hearing him explain what he was anticipating reminded me of why I keep teaching French.  This is my 24th year helping students acquire both facility in the French language as well as a curiosity/passion for the people who speak it and the different francophone cultures.

To keep sharp as a teacher AND because I love French, I listen daily to French podcasts, read my Bible in French and correspond by email with French-speaking friends.  In class during our ‘DEAR – Drop Everything And Read’ period, I have a French novel going.  A parent passes on her Paris Match magazines.

A small fear of mine is that I might not be AS apt to keep up my own French skills were I not always on the lookout for new words, expressions, stories about French, French music for my classroom and new ideas for motivating students to learn.

So why do I teach French still?  It’s simple.  My number 2 passion in life is speaking French!  I derive so much joy via French, I want to pass that on.

Joie de vivre


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