What my students can do in May

Student success

I have reached my favorite part of the school year, the final days.  And NOT for the reason you might think – summer break.  But because this is the time of year when I, the teacher, get to sit back and receive the fruit of my labor.

My 8th grade French students have especially shone this week.  Individually, each has sat down with me at my desk and talked through a slide presentation describing in detailed French the characters and events in our final novelette, Presque Mort.

Besides feeling encouraged as their teacher by their ability and achievements over the past 3, 2 or one year spent with me, I have used this one-on-one time to build them up. Taking the time at the end of their demonstration, I have highlighted their skills and pointed out specifically why they should marvel over their progress.

My goal has been to leave them with a sense of awe and satisfaction at just how much French they have acquired and what they can actually do with the language.

As they transition to high school level language courses and beyond my hope for them is that will find much joy and opportunities to use their French in life.  After all, why study a language unless you can enjoy and use it to connect with other people and enrich one’s life?

Presque Mort


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