Happy to be back in the saddle

French 5 - Day 1  Vibrant sounds of active kids fill the hallways.  A new school year resumes.  Year 25 for me!

When I began teaching, I didn’t even think about the future.  There was no time. Novice and experienced teachers alike have precious few minutes to reflect much beyond the term once they step into the flow of the academic year.  And that’s good.  We focus on our students and how to adapt the material to reach and engage them.  And it’s exciting.

At least it should be.  I hope I never grow blasé about teaching.  I suppose if I do, that will be the sign to step down…..OR…attend a workshop!

But this day, this new beginning fills me with joy that I have been given the privilege of sharing the gift of another language with children.  A second language opens so many doors and broadens minds.  And who knows what dreams will be birthed during these middle school years.  The possibilities beckon.

Que l’aventure commence!  Let the adventure begin!


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