ACTFL 2016-inspired resolutions

Having attended the recent annual conference of foreign language practitioners and researchers,

And having been rejuvenated through workshops and conversations with colleagues and presenters,

And having been given a charter to work with middle school students this current year

I pledge the following:

  • To honor my students by maximizing our time together with the goal of creating proficient French communicators
  • To design activities with that end in mind
  • To be willing to drop ‘cherished or already planned’ activities if they do not contribute toward proficiency
  • To seek to give these students compelling comprehensible input that maximizes their exposure to French
  • To seek novel ways to capture student attention
  • To communicate what a privilege and delight it is to work with each student no matter their interest, ability or behavior
  • To avoid error correction unless asked for
  • To remember to make learning French fun within the above parameters.

To the best of my ability, knowing that I am not God and have limitations, I aim to carry out the above actions as long as I am their classroom French teacher. So help me, God!


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