Comprehensible Input Resources per my NCAIS Workshop 27 October 2017

Today, I’m presenting to fellow teachers at North Carolina’s Association of Independent Schools.  My session is about how to encourage fearless speaking in your L2 students through the methodology called Comprehensible Input or CI.

Here are some sources for more information  – both theory and nuts and bolts

CI (Comprehensible Input) Theory:

Role of speaking in acquisition

Brain Research on repetition – documenting the ‘up to 160 times’ figure for hearing with understanding

Links to other researchers 

Book to buy – Professor Bill Van Patten of Michigan State’s latest book published by ACTFL

Task-based YouTube – Part 1

Task-based YouTube – Part 2


Nuts and Bolts in the classroom:

About planning a unit – this Spanish teacher posts helpful snapshots of how he uses CI in his classroom.  Worth subscribing to his blog

CI French story You Tubes – this French woman tells and illustrates easy and short French stories. She is CI focused.  I assign as occasional HWs.

Level 4 Spanish teacher using CI – she describes how she plans her curriculum for this Spanish 4 class

Testing the water – some advice– a teacher/practitioner explains how to get started by asking a question

How to explain to parents  – a teacher describes what he does at Back-to-School  night to educate parents who are used to textbook/rule-based language classes

Podcast by Prof Bill Van Patten – practical application, guided by research about CI– called Tea with BVP – every Thursday during the university academic year

A teacher’s Acquisition Website – you can sample and subscribe to his monthly teaching





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